Now that I have a website it is only a matter of time until I become a dot com millionaire (your move Michael J Dolan of ExxonMobil), but until then I guess I must continue to be a stand-up comedian. That in mind I have two sort of alright stand-up shows that I have recorded and made very available to you as inexpensive digital audio files, you can buy them at THIS LINK or stream them for nothing. Right now they're only three quid each but the price fluctuates as wildly as, and in tandem with my self-esteem so keep an eye on my Twitter feed for my most painful lows and you might grab yourself a bargain.

Sometimes I write stuff about videogames because they are a good and entirely indoor pursuit. If that's your bag have a look at my blog, FUCKED THUMBS, a title that it turns out is impossible to safely Google.